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Who are we?

We at ChuckleTree are a husband and wife duo from opposites sides of the wide Pacific. With 2 different academic backgrounds, we pride ourselves on creating unique and humorous works that exhibit our love of illustration and the absurd. If you would like anything made by us, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Anna is a professional illustrator from New Zealand. She has worked in the graphic design industry for more than 10 years with major corporations. Anna finds inspiration in many different places: Good restaurants, cats, antique stores & rain forests.


Dan is a Biologist with a Master’s degree in Wildlife Management. His work is hugely influenced by his love for wildlife as well as Jim Henson. Dan’s favorite hobbies include movies, comic books, wildlife photography and building things from scratch.


Our Works

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  • DSC_2202

    Elsa The Completed

    We have recently moved to Olympia WA, so we’ve been busy packing and unpacking. But I finally got to work on Elsa this week, and it is now finished! The hair piece got lost during the move, so it looks a tad different. But the dress looks good, the shadowbox’s colors are exactly what I wanted, […]

  • ScaryTreeFull

    Scary Tree Sketch

    Whenever I really feel like drawing, but don’t know what to draw, haunted trees are my go-to subject. So here it is – a scary tree. Even though I set out on this project with the intention of doing some painterly colors, I really like how this one turned out with the flat grey.

  • presidents

    Poster of American Presidents

    The poster is for sale and added to our gallery!

  • shipping

    Shipping Out Birds!

    Shipping out birds to happy customers. It makes us happy that it makes them happy and so we include bonus items to make them happier. Because this is a happy place. Happy.

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